White Deer: Ghosts of the Forest

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Softcover: ISBN: 978-0-97418831-7
Hardcover: ISBN: 978-0-97418832-4
Photographs by Jeff Richter
Text by John Bates
8 x 10 inches, 96 pages, color photographs throughout
Nature's Press, 2007


A lucky few of us have chanced to see the white whitetail--the albino deer--in the wild. We remember where. It's a sight like seeing a ghost. We have to stop and look. Drivers pull to the side of the road to peer into the woods, following the apparition with their eyes, and lingering in hope of a repeat visitation.

Perhaps no one has spent as much time following these white ghosts of the forest as photographer Jeff Richter. Jeff has been privileged to hunt the deer with his camera on lands where they seem to have concentrated by some fluke of nature. He has committed hundreds of images of white deer to film over many years, and is finally sharing the best of these here.

Award-winning outdoor writer and naturalist John Bates weighs in with his own impressions of these fascinating animals. John references historical accounts of white deer in northern Wisconsin, and wisely tempers the subject with an explanation of the genetics of albinism and a discussion of the implications of this phenomenon.

Join Jeff and John for the first ever exploration in book form of the elusive, startling, white deer.


White Deer: Ghosts of the Forest is a truly beautiful book filled with the kind of photos of animals most people would never have the opportunity to experience--photos of albino deer.
--Bill Thornley, Spooner Advocate

Questions arise naturally about albino deer. Richter and Bates do their best to provide answers. This book is a worthwhile addition to the library of any northwoods cottage owner.
--Jim Lee, Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers

As rare as it may be to catch a glimpse of the mysterious albino deer in northern Wisconsin, I've discovered it is equally rare to find a wildlife photographer as authentic and connected to nature as Jeff. My first encounter with this innate talent was on a late afternoon canoe paddle in search of the elusive loons. Witnessing Jeff's respectful interaction and ability to portray the magical red-eyed spirit onto film, it became apparent this artist had spent an enormous part of his life immersed in and observing the natural world. This time spent has transformed into a collection of rare and relevant images --powerful reminders of our need to protect wildlife for our own and future generations to enjoy.
--Tess Gallun, Reel Life Films, Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker who has produced work for Outdoor Wisconsin, The Discovery Channel and PBS.